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Objective: To enable adult learners to acquire and improve their Spanish language skills for personal, professional, or travel purposes, focusing on practical communication and cultural understanding.

Program Features

  • Flexible Scheduling: Classes offered in person during the evening to accommodate adult learners’ schedules.
  • Cultural Integration: Incorporating cultural lessons to enhance language learning and provide a holistic understanding of Spanish-speaking countries.

Curriculum Overview

Teaching Methods

  • Interactive Classes: Emphasis on speaking and listening skills through interactive classroom activities.
  • Practical Exercises: Real-life scenarios and role-plays to practice conversation skills.
  • Multimedia Resources: Use of audio, video, and written materials to enhance learning.

Assessment and Certification

  • Regular Assessments: Oral and written tests to evaluate progress.
  • Certification: Certificate of completion provided at the end of the course.

Support Services

  • Tutoring: Availability of additional tutoring sessions, if needed.
  • Cultural Events: Organizing Spanish movie nights and cultural annual fair.

Target Audience

  • Adult learners with no prior knowledge to those seeking advanced proficiency in Spanish.
  • Individuals looking to learn Spanish for travel, work, or personal interest.


  • Improved ability to communicate effectively in Spanish.
  • Enhanced understanding of Spanish-speaking cultures.
  • Preparation for travel, work, or further language studies.