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General Education Development (GED)

Objective: To prepare learners for the GED tests, ensuring they acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to pass these exams, thereby achieving the equivalent of a high school diploma.

Program Features

  • Personalized Learning Paths: Tailored study plans based on initial assessment tests to focus on areas needing improvement.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Classes offered in various formats (in-person, online, evenings, weekends) to suit adult learners’ schedules.
  • Comprehensive Preparation: Covering all subjects tested in the GED exams.

Curriculum Overview

  • Mathematical Reasoning:

    • Basic math, algebra, and geometry concepts.
    • Data analysis, probability, and problem-solving skills.
  • Reasoning Through Language Arts:

    • Development of reading comprehension skills.
    • Writing, including grammar, clarity, and essay writing.
  • Social Studies:

    • Key concepts in U.S. history, civics and government, economics, and geography.
    • Analyzing historical events and understanding social issues.
  • Science:

    • Fundamentals of life science, physical science, and earth and space science.
    • Scientific reasoning and analysis of scientific data.

Testing and Assessment

  • Practice Tests: Regular mock tests to familiarize students with the GED test format and timing.
  • Progress Tracking: Continuous assessment to monitor progress and identify areas for further study.

Support Services

  • Academic Advising: Guidance on study strategies and test-taking techniques.
  • Tutoring and Support: Access to individual or group tutoring sessions.
  • Resource Materials: Provision of study guides, practice materials, and online resources.

Enrollment Process

  • Assessment: CASAS placement tests to gauge academic level and skill set.
  • Orientation: Introduction to program structure, resources, and expectations.

Target Audience

  • Adults who did not complete high school and seek to attain equivalent credentials.
  • Individuals looking to enhance employment opportunities or pursue higher education.


  • Preparation to pass the GED tests across all four subject areas.
  • Earning a GED certificate, recognized as equivalent to a high school diploma.
  • Improved job prospects and a pathway to post-secondary education or vocational training.

Pearson GED Testing

  • Students will register for each subject test through the Pearson testing website. Please visit the website to find about more about pricing for each test, testing policies, and testing registration. Click here to access Pearson Website

Course Schedule:

Classes are held weekly from Monday - Thursday 

Morning Schedule: 9:30am - 1:00pm

Evening Schedule: 5:30pm - 8:00pm


English and Spanish courses available through in- person and and online platform

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