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English as a Second Language (ESL)

Objective: To develop and enhance English language skills in non-native speakers through a structured, four-level program, covering listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Level 1: Beginning Literacy

  • Focus: Basic communication, everyday vocabulary, simple sentence structure.
  • Listening and Speaking: Understanding and using common expressions in everyday contexts.
  • Reading and Writing: Learning basic grammar and vocabulary, reading simple texts, writing simple sentences.
  • Cultural Understanding: Introduction to basic cultural norms and social situations.

Level 2: Beginning

  • Focus: Expansion of basic language skills, introduction to more complex structures.
  • Listening and Conversation: Participating in simple conversations, asking and answering straightforward questions.
  • Reading and Writing: Building on grammar and vocabulary, reading short paragraphs, writing simple paragraphs.
  • Cultural Understanding: Further exploration of cultural nuances and everyday social and professional scenarios.

Level 3: Intermediate

  • Focus: Developing fluency in everyday contexts, introduction to more nuanced language use.
  • Listening and Conversation: Engaging in extended conversations, expressing opinions, and understanding spoken English in various accents.
  • Reading and Writing: Reading longer texts (articles, stories), writing detailed paragraphs, introduction to essay writing.
  • Cultural Understanding: Deeper understanding of idiomatic expressions, humor, and cultural references.

Level 4: Advanced

  • Focus: Achieving proficiency in complex language structures, preparing for academic or professional English use.
  • Listening and Conversation: Understanding and participating in complex discussions, presentations, and debates.
  • Reading and Writing: Analyzing and understanding complex texts, advanced essay and report writing.
  • Cultural Understanding: Comprehensive understanding of cultural subtleties, idioms, and nuances in various contexts.

Additional Components Across All Levels

  • Conversation Class: Interactive sessions for practice and reinforcement.
  • CASAS Assessment: Regular testing to assess progress and readiness for the next level.
  • Support Services: Tutoring, language partners, and conversation clubs for additional practice.

Target Audience: Non-native English speakers seeking to improve their English language skills for personal, academic, or professional reasons.


  • Gradual development of English language proficiency across key areas.
  • Enhanced confidence in using English in a variety of settings.
  • Preparation for further academic studies or professional opportunities in English-speaking environments.

Course Schedule

Morning and Evening Classes Available:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

ESL Class 9:30am - 12:30 pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
ESL Conversation  12:30pm - 1:30 pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
ESL Class 5:30pm - 8pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
ESL Conversation 3:30pm - 5:00pm Tuesday and Thursday



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