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Basic Computer Skills

Course information:

Computer Applications (Spanish):

Wednesdays: 9am - 12pm

Computer Applications Intermediate (Bilingual):         

1:30 - 3:00pm (Cancelled: Spring 2024)

Computer Applications Thursdays: 5:00pm- 8:00pm


Tuesday/ Thursday 2pm - 3pm

(Cancelled: Spring 2024)

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Objective: To equip participants with essential computer skills, including basic operation, software applications, internet navigation, and basic troubleshooting, suitable for personal and professional use.

Course Components:

Introduction to Computers

  • Understanding computer hardware and software
  • Basic computer operations and terminology
  • Turning on/off, restarting, and logging in

Operating Systems

  • Navigating Windows
  • Managing files and folders
  • System settings and control panel overview

Word Processing

  • Introduction to Microsoft Word
  • Creating, editing, and formatting documents
  • Printing and saving documents


  • Basics of Microsoft Excel 
  • Creating and formatting spreadsheets
  • Simple formulas and functions


  • Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Creating basic presentations
  • Inserting text, images, and basic animations

Internet Skills

  • Understanding the Internet and web browsers
  • Navigating websites and using search engines
  • Basic online safety and privacy principles

Email and Communication

  • Setting up and using email
  • Email etiquette and organization
  • Introduction to other communication tools (e.g., Zoom, Google Meets)

Basic Troubleshooting

  • Common issues and how to resolve them
  • Protecting your computer (antivirus, updates)
  • When to seek professional help

Additional Components

  • Hands-on Practice: Each session includes practical exercises.
  • Homework Assignments: To reinforce learning.
  • Quizzes and Assessments: To gauge progress and understanding.

Target Audience: This course is ideal for beginners, individuals re-entering the workforce, seniors, and anyone looking to build foundational computer skills.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Comfortable with basic computer operation and terminology.
  • Proficient in using key office software (word processing, spreadsheets, presentations).
  • Able to navigate the Internet and use email effectively.
  • Basic understanding of computer maintenance and troubleshooting.